Recording of all data transmitted via Automotive Video Link

Whether hardware or software development, laboratory tests, hardware-in-the-loop or documentation tasks, with the LOG0200 you can easily record the data flow between head unit and display. Without any impairment of the data stream, thanks to minimally invasive intervention in the main line.

Not only video data, but also sideband channel data such as touch data can be recorded and saved in this way.

Security for development, monitoring and production

Diagram Video and Siideband Channel Logger LOG0200

The stored data is saved in an internal memory in the LOG0200 and can be read out via Ethernet or USB3.0 access. The device can be integrated into larger systems via SFTP.

The LOG0200 is currently available for the GMSL2 technology standard and with FAKRA connectors.

Video and Siideband Channel Logger LOG0200


  • Laboratory tests and measurements to analyze all data on the Automotive Video Link
  • Hardware and software development for HU and display
  • Hardware-In-the-Loop (HIL) setups
  • Vehicle inspections/test drives.


  • Recording of the compressed video signal in an .mp4 video container
  • Recording of the uncompressed video signal in the form of individual frames in a .bmp image container
  • Recording of sideband channel data in text files (machine-processable text format)
  • Link monitoring (monitoring the link on the main route)
  • Settings Selector
  • Operation via touch display
  • Remote operation via USB commands
  • SFTP access to recorded data
  • Control Channel Master
  • Status LEDs