CATS – Camera Test System – the solution for end-of-line testing

Quality assurance in production

CATS optimizes the end-of-line testing in the production of automotive cameras or automotive components in which cameras are installed.

Safety during delivery

With CATS, no faulty products leave your production line. This saves you unnecessary costs due to justified complaints.

Test system for automotive cameras

CATS offers the perfect, user-friendly solution for the end control in manufacturing. CATS is a highly specialized package consisting of a configured TZ framegrabber, targets and test software.

  • Initialization and operation of the camera according to customer specifications
  • Semi-automatic to fully automatic testing of cameras
    • Frame check
    • Recognition check
    • Orientation check
    • Rotation check
    • Color check
  • Simple configuration
    • PASS/FAIL thresholds can be set by the user
  • Features and all the necessary image processing options for
    • RGB/YUV cameras
    • RAW cameras linear and HDR with PWL companding
  • Enables storage of all test results, including raw and processed images
  • Customization of user settings with versatile API and connection to the customer interface
CATS - Camera Test System
CATS structure
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