We design, develop and manufacture solutions for recording automotive video links.

Our solutions are used by vehicle manufacturers and suppliers in the following areas:

Recording of video signals from vehicle cameras also outside the vehicle

e.g: Development of components (cameras, …), component tests, …

Upgrading the vehicle electronics to record camera signals while driving.

e.g: Component test, fault detection, …

Recording of video signals for vehicle displays outside the vehicle

e.g: development of components (ECUs, HU, …), component tests,
analysis of image processing algorithms, …

Upgrading the vehicle electronics to record display signals while driving.

e.g: Recording of contents displayed on vehicle displays, readjustment of driving situations,
error analysis, …

We support many common vehicle video interfaces such as GMSL or FPD-Link. We offer solutions for different connector types like Rosenberger HSD, JAE MX-Series or FAKRA.

For modern camera systems that use COAX cables, our solutions include an integrated power supply with associated filtering (Power over Coax / PoC).

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