Easy Monitoring
of Control Channel Data

Our Signal Sniffers were developed to monitor the bidirectional data communication between different components in automotive video systems. They enable complete and accurate monitoring of all process and control data in the control channel during operation – from initialization and configuration parameters to control signals. In this way, any communication errors can be identified and the smooth interaction of all components ensured. Device variants which enable the video data to be looped out are also available as an option.

TZ Signal Sniffers are available for the generally used GMSL and FPD-LINK technology standards and with a variety of connectors such as FAKRA or Rosenberger HSD. We will be pleased to realize other technologies and connectors individually for you on request.

We can also preconfigure the individual application on the software side for each device, thereby enabling immediate plug-and-play – up to 100 different configurations can be stored in the device.

We create and store the optimal settings for your device. This way you can expect a real plug and play and you save time and can start working immediately.




  • Monitoring and control of data communication between sources and sinks in the laboratory
  • Verification of specifications according to the vehicle manufacturer
  • Checking initialization and configuration parameters
  • Monitoring of touch coordinates of the head unit
  • Environmental tests (resistance/function at heat shock, cold, UV radiation, etc.)
  • Hardware-in-the-loop tests (long-term tests)
  • End-of-line tests
  • Monitoring during test and trial runs

TZ electronic systems offers a wide range of Signal Sniffers. If your combination of requirements is not covered, then we are happy to implement a solution which meets your specific needs. Request a concrete quote in our online shop, download our complete product overview or contact our technical customer service department to get non-binding advice regarding our extensive test solutions.


TZ Signal Sniffers allow complete and accurate monitoring of all data communication in automotive video systems. At the same time, they have many practical additional functions and numerous connection options for further test tools.

Inclusive Video Conversion as an Option

Device variants which can loop out the video data and convert it to HDMI/DVI in addition to the control channel data are available if required.

Settings Selector

Our Signal Sniffers allow different configurations for various displays to be switched between via rotary switch. Up to 100 customer-specific configurations can be stored – this saves valuable time and cuts costs.

Remote Control

Remote switching of the settings is also possible via the USB port, e.g. for automated end-of-line tests with different displays in the network.

TZ GUI Software

Für alle unsere aktuellen Produkte steht Ihnen mit unserer TZ GUI eine leistungsfähige und benutzerfreundliche Software zur Verfügung, die eine einfache und schnelle Konfiguration für neue Komponenten und Testaufgaben erlaubt. Wir erstellen und hinterlegen die optimalen Settings für Ihr Gerät. Dadurch erwartet sie ein echtes Plug-and-play, und Sie sparen Zeit und können sofort mit der Arbeit starten.

Status LEDs

Status LEDs for the most important functions indicate the respective operating status and allow quick identification of possible error sources.

Extensive Interfaces

Additional external sockets can be used to connect further tools and test devices, e.g. to monitor the touch communication of a display or the initialization routine for a camera.

Product Overview

Input & Output Connector
Video Out Connector
Maxim Integrated, DVI, Sytem enable pir
Maxim Integrated, Setting Switches, External access to SERDES pins, TZ GUI Support, Built-in Control Channel Master
Rosenberger HSD
Texas Instruments, HDMI, Settings Switches, TZ GUI Support, Built-in Control Channel Master, Dual Link

Scope of Supply

All our test devices are supplied ready for use including all components necessary for operation, such as power supply, cables and plugs, etc.

Please contact us – our sales team will be happy to support you with your project