Loss-Free Switching between
multiple Sources and Sinks

Our Switches are the ideal solution whenever high-speed signals need to be switched between multiple sources and sinks without loss. Significant cost savings can be realized, especially in environmental tests, end-of-line testing or other automated testing, as several components can be simultaneously connected to one test device via the switch.

Test and trial runs are another possible application: In this case, the switch makes it possible to switch back and forth between the normal video data of the vehicle and externally fed sources such as our video converters – directly on the display installed in the vehicle.

TZ Switches are series-produced for the generally used GMSL and FPD-LINK technology standards and are available with a variety of connectors such as FAKRA or Rosenberger HSD. We will be pleased to realize other technologies and connectors individually for you on request – for smooth plug and play.



SW0090 Switch


  • Automated testing of vehicle components in development (HIL test bench)
  • End-of-line tests
  • Environmental tests
  • Test and trial runs

TZ electronic systems offers a wide range of Switches as standard. If your combination of requirements is not covered, then we are happy to implement a solution which meets your specific needs. Request a concrete quote in our online shop, download our complete product overview or contact our technical customer service department to get non-binding advice regarding our extensive test solutions.


Our Switches provide a simple and cost-effective way of switching easily between multiple sources or sinks in test mode without any losses. They also have many practical additional functions.

Ready for High-Speed Data Transmission

The electromechanical switches are designed for high frequency ranges up to 8 GHz and can therefore be used for all standard high-speed video and data connections. Impedance-matched signal routing and controlled manufacturing processes reduce attenuation to a minimum.

From 2:1 to 20:1

Depending on the application, we offer switches which allow switching between two, eight or up to 20 sources or sinks. We will also be pleased to develop customer-specific switches with connectors according to your individual requirements.

Remote Control

The settings can also be remotely switched via the USB port on the PC. In this way, test sequences can be automated quickly and cost-effectively and several components tested in parallel.

Status LEDs

Status LEDs for the most important functions indicate the respective operating status and allow quick identification of possible error sources.

Product Overview

Rosenberger HSD
1:8 Switch, max. 6 GHz
Rosenberger HSD
Dual-Link, 1:8 Switch, max. 3GHz
Rosenberger HSD
2:1 Input Switch, Dual Link, max. 3GHz
Rosenberger HSD
8:1 Switch, max. 6GHz
2:1 Switch, max. 8 GHz
8:1 Switch, max. 6GHz
1:8 Switch, max. 3 GHz

Scope of Supply

All our test devices are supplied ready for use including all components necessary for operation, such as power supply, cables and plugs, etc.

Please contact us – our sales team will be happy to support you with your project