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VC0046 video converter rear display
Video Converter VC0046

TZ makes EVERY automotive display controllable

TZ makes the full control/commissioning/evaluation of all automotive displays possible. Within a few minutes, an automotive video display can be controlled from a PC or laptop using real plug and play. This means incomplicated, time-saving reading of information that would otherwise not be possible to access. The VC0046 Video Converter enables quick adaptation of devices from different manufacturers without lengthy tests. TZ works with all available variants of cables, plugs, link technologies, parameters, video timings for video display in the automotive environment.

The VC0046 was used in the development of the Hyperscreen at Mercedes-Benz Group AG. Video data could be displayed and touch and haptic data could be transmitted via the video converter. The verification of the display and the documentation of any errors that may occur have been accelerated enormously by reading out pixel-precise data. Compatibility problems could be identified and eliminated quickly. This shows that VC0046 is future-oriented for use in the most modern development environment.

The Video Converter VC0046 is based on many years of development work by a highly qualified team of experts, which is unique in this field. It combines our entire know-how and can be individually adapted for each customer.

Video Converter

Video Converter VC0046 in Factory 56

Image and video material Factory 56 © Mercedes-Benz Group AG
Hyperscreen controlled display

Setting up VC0046