The Challenge

Additional monitors or laptops are often installed in test vehicles to visualize data during test drives.

  • These can cause distractions while driving. The placement and readability are not perfect and the brightness is not automatically adapted to the light conditions.
  • In addition, the installations must be crash-proof.

The Solution

  • The solution is to use the existing vehicle display.
  • The vehicle display is perfectly placed and readable for the driver.
  • The brightness of the display is automatically adapted to the light conditions.
  • TZ Video Converters transfer the video signal from your PC or laptop to the vehicle display.
  • Even if the vehicle display is a touch display, the touch functionality can be used as TZ Video Converters enable the transmission of the touch commands to your PC.

How it works

  • The PC and the head-units is connected to the video input of the TZ Video Converter.
  • The vehicle display is connected to the video output of the TZ Video Converter.
  • The switch allows to toggle whether the head-unit or PC video signal is shown on the vehicle display.
  • The PC can be connected via USB to TZ Video Converter to use the touch control of the vehicle display.
  • TZ Video Converters can be easily configured to new displays by using our TZ GUI.
  • TZ Video Converters are delivered with all accessories needed for a quick integration and usage.

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