Nuremberg, Messezentrum, Germany

Besuchen Sie uns auf der electronic displays Conference in Nürnberg. Am 23.06.2022, 10:10 Uhr hält Prof. Dr. Jan Bauer von TZ electronic systems einen Vortrag zum Thema

Automotive Video Link: How Can this Multitalent be Successfully Brought Onto the Road in Series-Production Vehicles

The video system in the vehicle is a multi-talent of different technologies.

The testing effort for this is high and so far only little automated.

The challenge lies in the encapsulation and specialization of the video transmission for the vehicle. This results in a high effort for the evaluation of the entire video system.

The presentation will show which tools can be used to meet the challenges of video systems in vehicles today and in the future.
It will be shown how issues in the video system can be precisely detected, documented and resolved. This makes it possible to massively reduce the complex and time-consuming development and the test time can benefit the application for the customer.